6 No Fail Ways To Use SEO to Boost Ecommerce Success


July 21, 2015

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These 6 strategies for building your Ecommerce site for success will put you ahead of your competitors and increase both your traffic and your profits.

1. Building your Ecommerce SEO strategies

The first step you want to be taken is an audit/competitive analysis. There is a lot to this when it is done correctly but the information that is gained from it can be crucial for your Ecommerce success. The audit will determine the situation your site is in now, or what it is going to take to get your site to where it should be.

SEOIt should tell you what your page rank (PR) is and your domain authority.

It will determine the number of pages from your site that have been indexed by major search engines like Google and Yahoo.

It will help you to know what speed your site is operating at, as well as the age of your site and your current geo targeting.

Included in your audit will be the confirmation that your site map and robots.txt file is conforming properly. An audit may also include you site link popularity factors, and will also take a close look at your keywords and their factors.

All of this information can then be analyzed as to whether it is working at its peak performance in its respective areas or whether it needs adjustments. The same information can be gleaned through a competitive analysis in order to be able to compare your data with theirs to see where your site’s weaknesses may be.

2. Using your research to build your Ecommerce site structure

Once you have your research completed in step one you can use it to revise or build your Ecommerce site structure. Your structure has to serve several important purposes. It has to create a platform that is easy for your clients to use. It also has to conform with standard and acceptable SEO Ecommerce practices. It has to allow for the proper use of your keywords which means focusing on finding the right keywords for all of your site pages which includes both your home page and product pages. The site audit that was completed in step one concerning your keywords will be the foundation for your keyword strategy along with what was revealed in regards to keywords during the competitors analysis.

3. Focusing on both on page and off page optimization

Both on page and off page optimization are equally important especially if you want to stay ahead of your competitors and capitalize on all the benefits an Ecommerce site can provide. Your on page optimization is comprised of your keyword strategy, structure of your site, internal linking, ease of use by your visitors, making sure your site is mobile friendly and offering customer feed back/reviews.

Off page SEO Ecommerce optimization includes components such as using the right snippets and integrating with the social media platforms. Local search optimization comes within off page SEO. Validation through citations will also be important.

4. Capitalizing on your product/service descriptions

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of Ecommerce site owners make is copying the same descriptive data that is used by many other sites offering the same products. This can come across to the search engines as be duplicate content, and at the same time it doesn’t create a unique selling feature. The descriptions should be unique, detailed enough to be informative and keyword rich.

5. Link Building

Link building is important for both your on page and off page SEO, but you also want to connect your brick and mortar business with your website. To do this it is important to promote your website to your customers when they come into your business, just as it is important to promote your on land location on your website.

6. Expand Your Content

Expanding your content on your site by way of blogs increases your credibility as being an authority site with the major search engines, and provides extra value by way of information for your customers.


By using the right resources to help you complete all the steps here, as well as realizing that you must stay current with changes, will help you to surpass your competitors and make your Ecommerce efforts a success.



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