How Digital Body Language Plays a Role in Your Conversion or Lead


June 3, 2015

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Digital body language may be a new term for you or one that you have heard but haven’t paid attention to. It is important that you do familiarize yourself with it as it could drive up your conversions and/or increase your leads.

The basics:

Every time an individual takes some form of action with their electronic devices they are performing digital body language. This can be from clicking on an email, visiting a website, and clicking on one of your ads, just to name a few.

Digital Body LanguageYour goal:

What you want to strive to do is make sure that every visitor is using the right digital body language that is going to benefit you.

Getting your digital marketing in place:

This means that you need to have your campaigns up and running and fully optimized:

Email campaigns:

Think about the steps of body language that you want to take place with your email campaigns:

  • you want them to open the email
  • you want them to read the email with interest
  • you want them to follow through with your call to action

Website…Landing Page:

If you have created a call to action from your email that leads your market to your website then digital body language has got to come into play again. You may have created leads through your email campaign that have now landed on your website or your squeeze page. You need them to follow through by clicking on your buy now cta, or on your digital ad.

Digital Body language in search engines:

You put a lot of work and time into optimizing your site. Think about the virtual language that you want to have displayed by prospects. They have to mentally determine what it is they are looking for. Then have to type in their search terms. Then when the index comes up they have to choose what appeals to them. You have to make sure that your optimization is going to evoke the appropriate action.

In your content:

Your content should also evoke action. It may be something as simple as scrolling down below the fold to finish reading your post. It can be an act of leaving a comment. Even the snippet that will appear in the search engines can evoke digital body language by encouraging them to click on your link.

Learning how to read digital body language:

Knowing what the language is, and how to spur it into action is only half of your responsibility. You need to learn how to read it. You cannot physically see it in action, but you can use your analytics to read how it was implemented. How many clicks on your digital ads? How many visitors to your site and from where? You have to utilize the analytics that are available to you for every type of digital marketing that you implement. This is going to be the best evidence as to how much digital body language is being utilized by your online efforts.



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