Increasing profitability outsourcing media to help manage your workload

July 19, 2019

This is a perspective on the benefits and potential perceived drawbacks of outsourcing media. The benefits far outweigh any negatives.

This post will cover the following benefits to outsourcing Media:

1. Reducing and controlling operating costs;

2. Improving employee focus; and

3. Gaining access to world-class capabilities.

Outsourcing media is one scalable option that enables a company to show up in a contemporary way, while demonstrating nimbleness and financial prudence.  Investing in high return strategies that meet customer needs generally yield dividends in many forms, including in part: more engaged employees, lower overhead, higher margins, and a better overall reputation. 

To build upon a strong employee culture, employees need to be challenged in the right ways.  Outsourcing can help a company smooth out skill deficiencies, while addressing peaks and valleys of work.  Outsourcing can also help ensure that employees are working in the right areas, that is, those areas of strength and expertise which typically yield a high return on investment (ROI) for their employer. 

Accountability should never be negotiable, it is difficult for teams to stay on top of performance and campaign optimization when they are working frantically to action the next campaign.  There is usually very little time to optimize campaigns for better performance, which oftentimes means that these campaigns end short of hitting their goals.  In these days of big data, clients want predictable results based upon data driven decision-making.  The best campaigns have a few common ingredients; they are measurable, predictable and highly influential of key business decisions.

Companies need to understand the outsourcing process.  When building an outsourced team, it is critical to look at how new variables in a system (file-sharing apps, messenger apps, intranets) will affect everyone involved.  Use of corporate productivity software (Slack, Basecamp, etc.) will prove important for the company and their client.  It goes without saying that ongoing management of the relationship is exceedingly important.  Senior management must stay connected during the contract and committed to appropriate staffing utilization and oversight thereafter.

When shopping for someone to outsource to, it is important not to look through the cost lens first.  Rather, select them based upon them being an optimized extension of your team.  Choose outsourcers with a history of quality results and their reputation for how they communicate and collaborate.  The outsourcer is an integral partner, someone that can earn their trust to give unbiased and selfless perspective when it is needed.

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