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At The Russell’s Group we pride ourselves on long-term client relationships. We achieve those relationships by delivering quantifiable results.

Digital Marketing Data Driven Results

At The Russell’s Group, we don’t simply give you advice based on what we think “will work” or what we think “sounds good”.   Rather, all of our digital marketing consulting is data driven. We provide an in-depth looks at past analytics, present trends, and future projections to ensure that our digital marketing consulting brings you an outcome that is nothing short of superior.

We meet short and long-term goals by consulting with you on:

  • 9152819Researching what the correct message should be
  • Targeting the correct audience
  • Working with you to decide which KPI’s should be in place
  • Reviewing and prioritizing all digital strategies
  • Creating budgets to meet your goals
  • Setting up test campaigns with clear objectives

To meet your short and long-term goals we will:

  • Provide a thought out, research-based message
  • Target the correct audience
  • Work with you to decide which Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) should be in place
  • Review and prioritize all digital strategies
  • Create budgets to meet your goals
  • Set-up test campaigns with clear objectives

We will take the time to understand not only your company, but your company’s goals, aspirations, and expectations.   Once we gain a clear understanding of our client’s objectives, we will build a strategy to achieve these goals.   Your goals are our goals; we design a digital marketing plan that reflects nothing short of this.  Combining this with an in-depth understanding of the industry you operate in, we can ensure that The Russell’s Group will provide you with the internet marketing consulting that your business needs to stay relevant in a continuous changing environment.

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