eMail Marketing

eMail Marketing Is a Cornerstone of a Successful Digital Marketing Plan

A well-conceived and implemented email marketing campaign is a core building block of any good digital marketing campaign. While email marketing is vital to the success of a solid digital marketing campaign, it is also one of the more delicate aspects. With so many different emails coming in at such a fast rate, and so many different filters and blockers, it’s easy for your email to get mired in the mud, and simply passed over without a look. Every part of your email marketing campaign has to be executed with absolute precision, and that’s where The Russell’s Group knows exactly how to help. With years of proven experience, and countless satisfied customers, we can get your email marketing campaign where you aspire for it to be, and then some.

statistic-256Targeted eMail Marketing

The key to targeted email marketing is to create a list you by capturing the information of the people coming to your site who would like future email notifications for:

– Promotions
– New products
– New services
– Announcements
– Events
– Newsletters

eMail Marketing Campaignsmail

Based on the interests of the users who have signed up, we can create a unique messaging silo for each group.  Thereby making their experience with your company much more meaningful because it closely matches their needs.

We can also work with you to design the best email marketing strategy and plan to match your objectives.

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