Digital Marketing for Banking

Banking is a competitive space, and well thought out digital marketing strategies must be the cornerstone to any banking marketing plan. We have worked with some of the largest US banks to generate leads and business.  We can help you too.

We offer a full menu of services for internet marketing in banking, including:

Digital Banking

SEO – All banking internet marketing plans include well executed SEO. We have been doing optimization for tier-one organizations since search engines began in the late 90’s.

PPC Campaigns – A core strategy for an online marketing campaign for banks is pay-per-click. Whether it is for checking or credit cards, we have the experience. We currently run campaigns with over a million keywords and can use this knowledge to create successful campaigns for you as well.

Display and Remarketing Campaigns – Display marketing is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing strategies for gaining as many visual impressions as possible from your target audience. Newer innovations have made this essential to any digital marketing campaign. Remarketing leverages the relationship you already have with customers who have been to your site at least once by putting your display ad in front of them again and again. Research has shown visitors normally need 6-10 visits before they become a lead, so we use proven remarketing strategies to drive them back to the transactional part of the funnel.

Social Media – Since choosing a bank or financial service is such an important decision, social media has become an increasingly critical method for reaching your target audience. The right social media plan not only allows you to communicate directly to your target but lets you communicate with you as well.

eMail Marketing – An opt-in email marketing campaign is an effective way to let people know things like the latest mortgage rates so prospects and customers know the best time to refinance. We specialize in building effective email marketing campaigns that keep in touch with your target.

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