Social Media Marketing

Social Media Advertising and Why It’s Important

Today social media marketing is of critical importance for any company. It provides a direct line of communication to your customers–and gives them a direct line back. Today’s consumer has an advantage over business that they didn’t have in the past. Control. The consumer has unlimited access to every portion of the buying decision, from the very first step. One of the places they go to judge a company’s success is social media, making social media marketing more important than ever before. Do you have a Facebook or LinkedIn? If not, they may not trust what your doing as a company. With a proven track record, The Russell’s Group can help you develop your social media in the best way possible to fit your goals as a company.

7332462Social Media Marketing Plan

Like any other aspect of digital marketing, social media starts with a strong marketing plan. This plan should take into consideration:

– Your product or service
– Your target audience
– Your desired outcome


Social Media Marketing Strategy

We pride ourselves on weaving a social media strategy into the overall digital marketing strategy. We let the desired outcome shape the strategy, considering factors like:

– Should we have a Facebook page?
– Do we want to gain likes on Facebook?
– Do we want to drive people to our Facebook page?
– Do we want to raise awareness or should we expect a sale?

Our Experience in Social Media Can Guide You

We have extensive experience promoting a wide range of companies through social media advertising and we can help put together and execute the plan that best fits your needs.

Social Media Marketing Case Studies



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