Higher Education Digital Marketing

We offer digital marketing solutions for higher education, proven to engage prospective students as they search for you.

The Tech Savvy Generation

Many sharp marketers will tell you the best way to reach a tech-savvy prospective student is online. The question is how to do it cost effectively and in large numbers. We have the experience and understand how to deliver targeted prospects at a value.

Higher EducationOnline Marketing for Higher Education Offering

We understand the mix of marketing vehicles and messages to turn that visitor into a lead. Our methods for higher education marketing include:

Lead Generation Digital Marketing

We use our suite of tactics to generate the most leads for higher education clients.  

SEO – If your audience is in one location you want to market only to that location. At other times you may want to reach a broader audience. We have done both.

PPC Campaigns – Targeted and measurable campaigns, with keywords tied closely to an ad and landing page.  This type of campaign drives leads.  These leads are measured, analyzed and reported back with any recommendations to further recruit leads.

Display and Remarketing Campaigns – With thousands of sites to choose from in your target audience we create cost-effective display campaigns. We realize visitors may make many visits before they become a lead so we use proven remarketing strategies to drive them back to the transactional part of the funnel.

Social Media – Today’s students are stretching the boundaries of social media. Your campaign needs to extend to these boundaries to reach your target audience. Let us show you how to do this.

eMail Marketing – School is a long-term investment in one’s future. We want to be sure prospective students have the latest and greatest information about what sets your school apart with a well thought out email marketing campaign.

We have experience with top schools in all of these areas. Click here learn more about higher education marketing and to put Russell’s Group to work for you today.