Heavy Equipment Digital Marketing

Heavy Equipment Companies Turn to the Internet for Leads and Sales


Heavy equipment manufacturers and dealers have discovered the Internet as a key source of leads and sales. The Internet expands their reach to new customers, facilitates business interactions and turns prospects into clients.

Heavy Equipment is a unique industry where investments in equipment are large.  As a marketing manager you want a team with proven performance in the heavy equipment industry.  We have that proven performance with Caterpillar and their dealers.  We understand your business, and have strategies you’re going to love!

As a Heavy Equipment Dealer, in a Partner you Need :

• An autonomous, worry-free business partner; no concerns or hand-holding when you work with us.
• Someone who delivers on time and on budget.
• A team with extensive depth of knowledge and experience in the heavy equipment industry and with Cat.
• A team to take the burden of trying to keep up with the latest promotions, events and updates away from you allowing you more time to concentrate on other things.
• You want to know exactly what you are going to spend monthly with for development and management of your marketing campaigns, no surprises.
• A team you can get proven results with that exceed expectations.
• A team that generates actionable business intelligence to continuously enhance your website to generate more leads and convert more sales.

You Want Your Digital Marketing:

• To generate top rankings in search engines through SEO and PPC
• To offer strategies designed to drive more targeted visitors to your site overall
• Designed to increase qualified leads through proven programs
• Improve the probability of conversions
• To generate a wealth of Business Intelligence you can use to enhance your site

Russell’s Group has been at the forefront of helping the heavy equipment industry capture the power of the Internet.

If you’re a marketing executive, you’re looking for a trusted, experienced online marketing team with proven digital marketing success in cost-effectively generating qualified leads and millions in sales for heavy equipment manufacturers and distributors.

You want a company with knowledge and insight into the heavy equipment digital marketing sector, who understands the online buying patterns and needs of your unique audience. You want a partner who knows how they search, where they go online and exactly what information they are looking for.13

Once we have worked together on a strategy to reach your goals, some of the proven tactics we put into place can include:

SEO – The building block for any heavy equipment manufacturer and distributor website is solid SEO for heavy equipment. With our SEO Audit and Competitive Analysis, you’ll gain insight into your current website effectiveness, your customers and your competition. With this knowledge, we’ll work with you to be sure you’re found on the first page of Google. As a Google Partner, we bring insights to you your competitors don’t have.

PPC Campaigns – Our experience building, implementing and optimizing thousands of campaigns with over 1,000,000 keywords for heavy equipment manufacturers and distributors gives us the experience you need to hit the ground running with the most effective campaigns generating the best ROI for you.

Display and Remarketing Campaigns – In the display ad market arena, you need someone who understands where the best sites are and what our value prices. Our knowledge and experience in this area will save you money. This isn’t a specialty you can learn as you go along.

Left to default settings you may find your ads showing not only in the wrong states on the wrong types of sites but in the wrong countries.

We will get your ads to appear on useful pages like; Rock and Dirt, Weather sites, Machinery Zone, Heavy Equipment Forums, The Combine Forum, and more.


Data Driven Analysis Generates the Best ROI for You

Our proprietary processes and tools combined with our accredited, experienced team generates the best conversion rates and the most cost effective rates for you.

Social Media – Want to know what the value of LinkedIn or Facebook is to Heavy Equipment manufacturers and distributors? We’ve run heavy equipment campaigns in both and will let you know the best and most effective ways to leverage these platforms.

Email Marketing – Heavy Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors know purchases aren’t made in 10 minutes. These purchases need to be nurtured along. We’ve helped design those campaigns and can review the best platforms and messages to turn those leads into sales. We know how to capture your potential buyer in each stage of their buying cycle and nurture and guide them along that path to the purchase of your equipment.


Certified Google Partner

As a Certified Google Partner we specialize in high return Google PPC Campaigns for our clients.


Accredited Bing Ads Partner

As an Accredited Bing Ads Partner we specialize in high return Bing/Yahoo PPC Campaigns for our clients.


Heavy Equipment Case Studies:

Here are some of our successes in the Heavy Equipment industry.













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