Digital Marketing Healthcare

Healthcare marketing is a very competitive space. You need a digital marketing company with proven experience to make sure your message is reaching your target audience. We offer a full range of online marketing services for healthcare, including:

SEO – Any healthcare online marketing campaign begins with solid SEO. You need a company with proven experience in SEO to ensure you have completely optimized your site for search engines. We have been doing optimization for tier one organizations since Google was first launched.

PPC Campaigns – Another cornerstone of a solid digital marketing campaign is pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. We currently run campaigns with over 1,000,000 keywords and can design a campaign for your needs as well.

Display and Remarketing Campaigns – With new innovations, display marketing has made great strides and needs to be part of every digital marketing campaign. Remarketing is a newer innovation that displays your ads to people who have visited your site. Research has shown visitors normally need 6-10 visits before they become a lead so we use proven remarketing strategies to drive them back to the transactional part of the funnel.

Social Media – Since healthcare is a personal matter, social media has become increasingly important to reaching your target audience. With Pinterest and other social media offering exciting ways to reach your audience, an effective healthcare marketer should be leveraging a wide range of social media for healthcare.

eMail Marketing – An opt-in email marketing campaign is an inexpensive way to stay in contact with your prospects and clients. We specialize in email marketing campaigns.

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