Email Marketing for Heavy Equipment Companies

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Experienced Email Marketing for Heavy Equipment Companies


Heavy Equipment Companies Start to Leverage Email Marketing

Heavy Equipment companies and their dealers are realizing the significance of email as an online marketing tool and are beginning to implement digital Email marketing campaigns.

Heavy Equipment and Construction Equipment companies are using Email marketing to educate customers about new technology, safety, maintenance and legislation. In a competitive market place, knowledge and information differentiates manufacturers and dealers from the rest of the pack as they establish themselves as industry experts. Opportunities exist for Heavy Equipment dealers who satisfy and nurture end-users by providing answers and solutions to all their questions and needs.

Heavy Equipment Study on Industry Newsletters

What types of articles would interest you in a daily newsletter

According to Equipment World’s 2014 Connectivity Study


Buyers of Construction Equipment want industry news and product information

Since construction equipment companies are marketing and selling B2B, leveraging the knowledge and expertise communicated in B2B marketing emails gives us a leg up on our competitors.

Email for Heavy Equipment Companies is Targeted to the Correct Place in the Funnel

Generally, mid-funnel content is most important to B2B companies. That’s because B2B sales cycles are generally more complex, which means that you need to spend more time building and nurturing relationships with prospects.

Mid-funnel content guides your prospect through the buyer’s journey, providing material that will help them evaluate your brand and develop an affinity for it over your competitors.


What Do Heavy Equipment Customers Want to Know?

Heavy Equipment Customer Questions

An effective email marketing strategy will drive traffic to your website and convert more qualified leads

mailEstablish yourselves as experts and thought leaders in the industry

  • Build and cultivate relationships with potential and existing customers
  • Generate awareness for your brand
  • Educate current and potential customers on the factors that differentiate your brand.
  • Nurture leads and eventually convert them to sales
  • Continually inspire an emotional connection with your customers, establishing brand loyalty and creating brand advocates.

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Case Studies:

Here are some of our successes in the Heavy Equipment industry:

Caterpillar Caterpillar Parts CAT Dealers


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