Pan Oston

Pan Oston Case Study – B2B Digital Marketing See ROI for SEO Initiative in Two Weeks

Pan Oston

Pan Oston came to The Russell’s Group to drive more leads to its site through better SEO and improved search engine rankings. During our initial engagement, Pan Oston was building a new site which gave The Russell’s Group the opportunity to use best practices for SEO from the ground up for this manufacturer’s digital marketing.

Goal of Campaign

  • Generate leads for Pan Oston’s product.




Strategy Implemented

  • SEO

Results of the Campaign

  • In the first two weeks the SEO paid for itself with calls resulting in new customers from all over the world. In two months, Russell’s Group doubled the site traffic while increasing the number of keywords by which they were found in search engines 10 fold. The Customer base increased over 15% during the first two months.



Pan-Oston, a leader in grocery checkout and store fixture manufacturing for over 40 years and the creators of Utopia self checkout.


Pan Olston





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