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Mobile Digital Marketing


Mobile marketing differs from marketing on a desktop device—but not just because of the size of the screen. Thanks to the revolution of the smartphone, the ever-changing digital environment has developed an entirely new dimension. Mobile advertising has changed quickly from a beneficial option to a necessity. A recent study showed that when researching gifts for the 2015 holiday shopping season, 67% of consumers did their research with their smartphone before making a buying decision. Even bigger than this, however, is that 20% of American consumers claimed that their phone is the only device they will be using for their holiday shopping and shopping research.

Smartphone Location Digital Marketing

When and where someone uses their device can vary. Addressing user location requires careful planning to make the campaign effective. These “mobile” devices aren’t purely smartphones anymore, but they also include the tablet category. Importantly, no longer is the mobile device an “on the go” instrument. Mobile devices have become commonplace around the house, which means less conventional computer time for a large number of consumers.

Mobile advertising is a huge piece of the digital marketing mix right now. We are experts at harnessing the power of mobile advertising to communicate with your target audience. And since mobile marketing is currently one of the fastest growing marketing methods, the possibilities are endless.

Mobile Marketing Case Studies

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