Farm Equipment and Agriculture Equipment Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing for Farm Equipment and Agriculture Equipment Manufacturers and Dealers

Manufacturers and dealers of farm and agriculture equipment know the Internet is a game changer when it comes to generating leads and sales. The Internet expands any agriculture manufacturer’s reach, allowing them to reach new customers, improve engagement, and convert leads into customers.
The farm and agricultural equipment industry is one of a handful of industries where investments in equipment and machinery typically come at a high cost. Consequently, marketing any company in this niche comes with unique challenges and strategies. As such, you need a proven partner with knowledge and experience in marketing farm and agriculture equipment dealers and manufacturers.
Russell’s Group is proud to have a strong track record of working closely with farm and agriculture equipment dealers like Caterpillar and more. Our years of experience working with construction, heavy equipment, as well as farm and agriculture equipment firms have taught us what strategies work, what doesn’t, as well as how best to reach your audience.

What to Expect from a Digital Marketing Agency for Farm and Agriculture Equipment Dealers

As a Farm and Agriculture Equipment Manufacturer or Dealer, you need a digital marketing agency who can offer the following:

  • Swift and worry-free onboarding; you want an agency to come in, understand what you do, and work independently
  • The ability to meet deadlines and work within your budget
  • A wide breadth of knowledge and experience in the heavy equipment industry and marketing CAT® machines for agricultural applications
  • A proactive approach to keeping up with your company’s latest promotions, events, and updates, giving you time to focus on other pressing matters
  • Accurate and timely tracking of your monthly, quarterly, and annual spending on developing and managing your marketing campaigns
  • Dedication to delivering results that exceed expectations
  • The ability to produce actionable business intelligence, using this information to enhance your website to generate more leads and conversions

At Russell’s Group, we are committed to providing all of the above, as well as these specific deliverables:

  • Top search engine rankings through effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns
  • Customized strategies designed specifically for your site to drive targeted traffic and increase qualified leads
  • Conversion optimization strategies
  • Continuous collection of business intelligence

If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced digital marketing team with proven experience in generating qualified leads and conversions for farm and agriculture equipment manufacturers and distributors. Russell’s Group is proud to be at the forefront of helping multiple firms and dealers in the agricultural equipment industry tap into the power of the Internet.
We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and insight into on marketing farm and agriculture equipment companies online. We are familiar with the unique online buying patterns and needs of audiences in this niche, putting us in an excellent position to answer your digital marketing needs and provide outstanding results.

Russell’s Group Uses the Following Farm Equipment Manufacturer Digital Marketing Tactics

Once we have put together a personalized digital marketing strategy for your organization, these are some of the tactics we will employ:

  • SEO
    We consider SEO as the foundation for marketing any farm
    equipment or agriculture equipment manufacturer’s or dealers website. Russell Group relies on proprietary SEO Audit and Competitive Analysis, giving us insight into the current effectiveness of your website, as well as your customers and competitors. With this information and expertise from being a Google Partner, we will work to put your site on the first page of the Google search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • PPC – Our experience in building, implementing, and optimizing countless campaigns with keywords relevant to farm and agriculture equipment manufacturers and dealers gives us the ability to build your PPPC campaigns swiftly, ensuring that you generate the best ROI relative to your leads and conversions
  • Display and Remarketing Ads – The display and remarketing approach can be dangerous if your campaigns don’t target sites with the best value prices. When left to ‘default’ settings, your ads may end up showing on the wrong states/regions and sites, causing to waste money on junk clicks.


Data Driven Analysis Generates the Best Digital Marketing ROI for Farm and Agriculture Equipment Dealers

At Russell’s Group, our proprietary processes and tools, combined with your certified and experienced team of digital marketers, allows us to give your farm and agriculture equipment company the best conversion rates at the most cost-effective prices.

  • Social Media – Is your company not maximizing your presence on social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn? Russell’s Group has run campaigns for farm and agriculture equipment firms on both platforms, giving us valuable insights on how to effectively leverage these networks.
  • Email Marketing – As a farm and agriculture equipment manufacturer and distributor, you know your customers rarely make purchases in just 10 minutes or less. We know that your clients need to be nurtured along the buying cycle. Our goal is to design personalized email marketing campaigns to generate leads, and in turn, convert these leads into customers.



When you choose Russell’s Group as your digital marketing partner, you’re assured of quality work backed by these certifications:

Certified Google Partner
As a Certified Google Partner, Russell’s Group specializes in building Google PPC Campaigns with high returns.
Certified Google Partner
Accredited Bing Ads Partner
As a Certified Bing Ads Partner, Russell’s Group specializes in building
Big PPC Campaigns with high returns.
Bing Accredited Badge


Farm and Agriculture Equipment Digital Marketing Case Studies:

Your farm and agriculture equipment company can reap the benefits of digital marketing right now. Let Russell’s Group help you by creating a digital marketing campaign specifically designed for farm and agriculture equipment and machines. Call us at (502) 222-8099 to learn more about how our services can help you.