Mike Russell | Founder & CEO

Mike is the driving force behind our company’s success. He has nearly 21 years of experience in online marketing and taught one of the first internet marketing courses ever offered in 1994. Since then he has consulted with hundreds of companies including 17 Fortune 500 companies.

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Tony | Analytics Expert

Leslie | Data Expert

Paul | Designer


Nathan | Development Manager

Jacquie Vanegas | Director of Client Services

Lauren Talley | Director of eCommerce


Derek | Lead Digital Consultant

Allen | PPC

Amit | Programmer

Amy | Programmer

Dan | Programmer

Matt | Programmer


Shelly | SEO Analyst

Sandy | SEO Assistant

Dawn | SEO Copywriter

Gus | SEO Copywriter

Travis | SEO Copywriter

Scott | SEO Guru

Amr | Social Media & Local SEO Expert

Maria | Social Media Expert

Art | Systems Expert

Michael | Project Manager

Nancy | Project Manager