PPC Process

Pay Per Click (PPC) Process

Step 1

First we focus on Google Adwords since the majority of search traffic is generated with them.

Target Products/Services

  • Identify which products and services you are promoting

Target Markets

  • Identify our targets, both geographically and demographically


  • What the message should be to attract the right audience

Types of ads to use

  • We want to use both the proven ad types along with ads offering newer features designed to create a higher conversion rate. See below for some examples of what we have previously created.











Landing page review

  • We carefully review the landing pages to be sure they tie into the keywords and the ads to achieve a high conversion rate

Keyword research

  • Methodically we’ll research and discover the best keywords and match-types to use for each campaign

Campaign Structures

  • Based on the overall campaign goals we’ll lay-out the best campaign structure to offer budget flexibility and sound reporting and back-end controls

Phone calls

  • We find many of the campaigns we run for clients to generate phone calls. We’ll work with you to decide the best way to integrate this into your campaigns…and track them


  • Tracking is critical. To optimize towards the best ROI for your PPC campaign we’ll work with you to have tracking ready before the campaign launches

Goal creation

  • Once the tracking code is ready we need to be sure to track through goal creations the conversions and even partial conversions


  • We continually optimize campaigns for best campaigns, adgroups, keywords, ads and placements


  • Since you are important, so is the reporting we create for you. Our reporting is customizable to meet your needs

Analysis and Meetings

  • We carefully analyze your reports and then meet with you to review our findings and make recommendations for any changes

Step 2


Once the campaign is optimized we move it into Bing/Yahoo

Setup of the Bing/Yahoo tracking


As a Google Partner and a Bing Accredited Professional, 100% of our PPC team is Accredited



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