Hospital Marketing: 5 Things You Need to Have in Your Website

December 3, 2018

When it comes to hospital marketing, one of the most important components you need to have is an effective website. A great website can help hospitals get found by search engines, promote their services, and educate people in their community.

In today’s marketing landscape, website optimization is extremely important. Here are five components you need to have in your hospital website in 2019.


Responsive Web Design

About 52% of all internet traffic comes from a mobile device. That means more than half of the people visiting your hospital’s website are mobile users. If your website doesn’t work properly on mobile, you’ll deter a lot of people from using it. Google also factors this into your ranking, so a poor mobile website can hurt your SEO efforts as well.

Because of this, making your website mobile friendly needs to be a key part of your hospital marketing plan.

The best way to achieve this is to have a responsive web design. Responsive websites adjust themselves based on the size of the screen, making them compatible with smartphones, tablets, desktops, and virtually every other device. When it comes to website optimization, a mobile web design is a must-have.

Local SEO

Over the last few years, Google has begun focussing more on local search results. These are results that are based off of the location of the person performing a search. So, if someone searches for “hospital” they’ll see a list of hospitals near them.

A big part of website optimization for hospitals is making sure they show up in these results.

To do this, hospitals need to utilize off page and on page SEO. Within their website, they need to utilize a variety of local keywords. They also need to complete their Google business profile and submit their website to directories. This will help let Google know where their hospital is located and what services it provides.

A Simple and Clean Web Design

responsive-design-690x362Have you ever visited a website and been bombarded with a ton of information, text, and graphics? Nobody likes a cluttered website, so make sure your hospital’s site is clean is well organized.

When it comes to website optimization, having a simple design is best. Use a white background and lay out content in a sensible and organized manner. Don’t use too many colours and keep things minimalistic. If you’re website is easy on the eyes more people will be prone to use it.

Intuitive Navigation

A big part of hospital marketing is getting people to your website. But once you get people there you want to keep them there. If your website’s navigation is confusing people will quickly go somewhere else.

Chances are people are visiting a hospital’s site to look up important information on services or procedures. You want to make sure that information is easy for people to find. See which pages on your site get the most views and place those at the top of your navigation. You’ll also want to make sure your pages are organized under proper categories, so people can quickly navigate to the pages they’re looking for.

Make Sure Your Website is Transportable

When you hire a web developer you may think that relationship will last forever. Unfortunately, problems often arise and if you decide to move on to a different developer you need to make sure your website can move with you.

A transportable website ensures that you can easily move your site from one developer to another. If your site isn’t transportable, you’ll either have to stay with a developer you’re not happy with, or you’ll have to build a new website from scratch.

Whenever you hire a web developer make sure whatever website they build for you can be moved to someone else if needed.

We Can Help You Build the Perfect Website


Our team at Russell’s Group has a wealth of web design and hospital marketing experience. We can help you build a website gets you found online and gives your patients the information they need. Call (502) 222-8099 to get started.


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