How the Biggest Changes to Google AdWords in Years Could Affect Your Business

May 2, 2017

Changes in Google have been rolling out for the past five years or so, but most of them have been targeted at changing the search engine’s algorithms that decide how sites are ranked in the search results. So far, Google hasn’t done anything to its other big service for advertisers – Google AdWords.

google1Until now, and every trick and tip marketers have used to take advantage of AdWords might be at risk.

Just recently, Google has sent the entire online marketing world into an uproar. Why? Well, unlike the practice of years past where there was plenty of ad space in the SERPs for advertisers to bid for, Google’s engineers have decided to reduce the available number of advertising slots. Accordingly, this has sent advertisers and SEO specialists scrambling to find ways to get around this new challenge and ensure their campaigns are as little affect as possible.

Of course, you couldn’t get around this without understanding how this change will affect you and your business. With only four ads being displayed in the SERPs, the impact to the online marketing community is significant. Here are some ways that the new change in Google AdWords could affect your overhead and the way you carry out your online marketing.

There’ll Be Stiffer Competition for Ad Space

One effect the changes will have on your business is that you could be compelled to put in more money into your pay per click advertising campaigns, what with competition now more intense than ever. As such, you’ll have to bid much more in order to get a spot in those 4 spaces Google has set aside for ads. It’s a tall order, but one you’ll have to take on for your marketing needs.

Simply put, your expenses will have to go up. However, if you do it right, the benefits are definitely worth the added expense.

You’ll Have to Focus More on Your SEO Practices

Since Google introduced its Panda and Penguin search algorithms, Google has always made it a point to remind people of the importance of properly optimizing their websites for search engines. After all, Google is in the business of providing people with relevant content and It’s only natural they’ll expect advertisers to go the extra mile to provide information that’s useful and relevant to their target audience.

SEO2Aside from the amount that you’ll have to bid for PPC visibility on Google Ads, the quality of your landing pages remains the primary factor for Google to decide whether your ads will be included in the four spaces allocated for ads on the SERPs. For that to happen, you’ll need a properly optimized landing page, and an optimized PPC campaign and ad groups.
There are many changes that can be expected as a result of Google’s updating of AdWords. Consider them as opportunities, however. Do your homework on the changes to how Google Ads are displayed, and what they could mean to your business, and you’ll be well ahead of your competition when it comes to Google advertising.

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